Social Media and Your Church

Social media has quickly become a part of every day living in in the United States. The largest body of users today is the Internet body. How has your Church taken advantage of social media to extend its ministry? What are some simple ways we can get our ministry growing by using online technology and social media?

The following is a quick video discussing some of the values of using social media in your church.

In response to this video, here are some thoughts.

In our churches, we are constantly looking for new ways to introduce the church message to friends, family, and others in the community. It is no longer common to go from door to door and attempt to discuss religious thoughts with your neighbors, though this is many times what we feel called to do. As a church, do you feel that you are doing your best to reach your community? Are there new technologies today that might help you reach more of your community?

Keeping up with technology and the ever changing world we live in can be extremely difficult. It wasn't too long ago when churches were beginning to create their own websites. Now, many churches have their own websites, but are struggling to get new users to find them. It can be very difficult to "market" your church, or tell people about it, without seeming pushy.

So how can I as a ministry leader in my church take advantage of some of the new social media technologies out there?

First answer is simple. Connect on Facebook. The first and most basic form of reaching online users through social media interaction is of course using facebook. By simply creating an account, connecting to your community, you will quickly have a connection that will allow you to share upcoming church events with other individuals and invite them to attend. However, for some, getting involved in facebook can be too time consuming and take too much effort to take full advantage of. Luckily, there are some alternative ways to get visibility on Facebook. Instead of trying to get visibility through your own efforts of sharing upcoming events on your personal facebook page, why not allow the upcoming events to get submitted to other individuals by people who are already connected and using facebook. What if rather than doing the invitation to an event, your church simply provided a tool to allow users to share events with others.

This is where New Church Center can help. Once your church is registered for a Premier Church Account, every church event posted will have the ability for guests to share the event with others on Facebook. Think of it as though your church has created a flyer that it passes out to its congregation. The congregation then takes that flyer and directly passes it to their friends who in turn pass it to their friends, and so on. By simply clicking on the button that says, "Share with my friends on facebook",

Even if it is difficult for your church to jump into the social networking world, it can still be easy to take advantage of it.

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